green cleaning


Four Seasons Cleaning takes great pride in making sure that our cleaning products, tools and cleaning methods are in the best interests of our planet and clients. Besides use of green friendly cleaning products Four Seasons Cleaning has also strived to incorporate green friendly business practices as well including:

- Use of fuel efficient company vehicles.

- Utilizing phone estimates to save fuel consumption.

- Encouraging employees to car pool whenever possible.

- Purchasing of concentrated cleaning products to reduce packaging.

- Use of reusable nylon bags and cleaning buckets.

- The use of no aerosol products.

- The use of environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.

- Color coding of our washable, re-usable microfiber towels to prevent cross contamination.

- Communicating with clients by email.

- Use of high efficiency washer and dryers.

Our Green Cleaning methods include:

The use of green friendly cleaning product whenever possible.
Microfiber cloths and mops to remove more dust, dirt and germs with fewer green cleaning products

Vacuums with HEPA air filtration systems and are proven to leave 3X fewer particles in the air compared to other maid services

We always thoroughly test our green maid service products and procedures and continue to evaluate new products and technologies to ensure we provide the healthiest, most effective green house cleaning service available.